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The Saxophone


Wind | Woodwind | Single Reed Aerophone

Who doesn't love the 'Sax', rock and pop bands, before that Jazz and always a feature in big band and of course the classical orchestra.

The youngest of the 'Woodwind Family', the Saxophone was invented rather than evolving over time. Antoine-Joseph "Adolphe" Sax patented his Saxophone in 1846.

The Saxophone has always been made of metal, but it is classified as woodwind because sound is produced by a vibrating 'wooden' reed, like the Clarinet.

If you are thinking about learning to play an instrument, or you’ve decided, but aren’t sure which one, let me help you choose.  We can chat, and you can have a go at different instruments, to see which one would suit you best.  If you leave your email, or ask your mum and dad to, I will get back to you, or your parents, with more information.


Listen to the Saxophone


Further listening:

  • Jacques Ibert - Concertino da Camera for alto sax

  • Paul Creston - Sonata for Alto Saxophone Op. 19

  • Jules Demersseman - Fantaisie sur un theme orig.

  • Alexander Glazunov - Saxophone Quartet, Op. 109

  • Frederick L. Hemke - Simple Gifts

  • Ingolf Dahl - Concerto for Alto Saxophone

  • Heitor Villa-Lobos - Fantasia for Soprano Sax

  • Schmitt - Légende for alto saxophone, Op. 66

  • David Maslanka - Concerto for Alto Saxophone

  • Luciano Berio - Sequenza IXb

  • John Adams - Saxophone Concerto

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