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The Trombone


Aerophone | Wind | Brass

The trombone is Mr Lane’s specialist instrument and, like the trumpet, is an incredibly versatile instrument which you will find playing in almost every genre of music including classical, jazz, pop, wind ensembles, brass ensembles etc.

The trombone is unique within the brass family of instruments in that a moving slide changes the length of tubing to obtain the different notes, rather than the valve mechanism used by all the other brass instruments.

Here a some of my favourite trombone players throughout history. Search their names on Youtube and enjoy their amazing trombone playing, I hope they inspire you:


Listen to the Trombone

Boy Playing Trombone
Trombone Trans.png

Notable examples of Trombone recordings, click on > for YouTube:


Classical Orchestra

  • Wagner, Ride of the Valkeries >

  • Various orchestral excerpts >

  • Mahler 2nd symphony >


Film Scores

  • Soul >

  • Game of Thrones >


Classical Solo

  • Christian Lindberg, solo trombone recital, Japan 2019 >

  • Joseph Alessi, Air Varie by Arthur Pryor >



  • Leonid and Friends >

  • Jamiroquai >


Jazz Band

  • Mark Nightingale >

  • Callum Au >

Jazz Solo

  • Dennis Rollins >

  • Trevor Mires >

Brass Ensemble

  • Mnozil Brass, James Bond >

  • London Brass plays ‘The Chicken’  >

  • London Brass – Early English music >

  • Richard Edwards

  • Dennis Rollins

  • Trevor Mires

  • Carol Jarvis

  • Christian Lindberg

  • Joseph Alessi

  • Jack Teagarden

  • Tommy Dorsey

  • JJ Johnson

  • Jiggs Whigham

  • Andy Martin

  • Mark Nightingale

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