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The Trumpet


Aerophone | Wind | Brass


Listen to the Trumpet

Trumpet Trans.png

The trumpet is the highest pitch of the brass instruments and can be found playing in almost every style of music including classical, jazz, pop and brass ensembles, to name a few.

Here are some of my favourite trumpet players (but my actual list is far longer!). Search their names on Youtube and enjoy their amazing trumpet playing, I hope they inspire you!

Notable examples of Trumpet recordings, click on > for YouTube:


Classical Orchestra

  • Mahler 5th Symphony
    (opening trumpet solo) >

  • Fanfare for the Common Man >

Film Scores

  • The Incredibles >

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark >

Classical Solo

  • Alison Balsom – Haydn trumpet concerto >

  • Philip Cobb – Arutunian Trumpet Concerto >


  • Stevie Wonder (Sir Duke) >

  • Jamiroquai >

  • Earth, Wind and Fire >

Jazz Band

  • Louis Dowdeswell Big Band >

  • Arturo Sandoval >


Jazz Solo

  • Wynton Marsalis – La Vie En Rose
    (very cool jazz playing) 

  • Arturo Sandoval >


Brass Ensemble

  • London Brass >

  • Mnozil Brass >

  • Wynton Marsalis

  • Miles Davis

  • Louis Armstrong

  • Derek Watkins

  • Wayne Bergeron

  • Arturo Sandoval

  • Louis Dowdeswell

  • Alison Balsom

  • Hakan Hardenberger

  • Maurice Murphy

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