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The tuba is the largest instrument of the brass family and is capable of playing extremely low notes. There is a misconception that the tuba is an ‘Oompah’ instrument and never plays any melodies, but this is not true. The modern tuba can be played in a beautiful and soulful style and there are some fine virtuoso tuba players around the world today.

At the forefront of world tuba playing are Norway’s Oystein Baadsvik and Oren Marshall from the UK, these gentlemen are outstanding tuba players.


Listen to the Tuba

Image by Brian Matangelo
Tuba Trans.png

Notable examples of Tuba recordings, click on > for YouTube:


Classical Orchestra

  • George Gershwin, An American In Paris (tuba solo in orchestra) >

  • Petrushka (Igor Stravisky) >

  • The Firebird Suite (Igor Stravinsky) >

  • James Barnes Symphony No 3 >


Film Scores

  • Jabba the Hut (from Star Wars soundtrack) >


Classical Solo

  • Oystein Baadsvik, Czardas >

  • Oren Marshall, Badinerie by JS Bach
    (playing on a really interesting tuba!)

  • Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto >


Jazz Solo

  • Dave Bargeron – Blood, Sweat & Tears >

Brass Ensemble

  • London Brass plays ‘The Chicken’  >

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