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    Parent Portal BEGINNER BAND Welcome to the Dubai College Beginner Band. Exclusive to Year 7 Students, your musical journey starts here... THE BAND BRASS WOODWIND The Beginner Band Scheme at Dubai College The Beginner Band scheme is an exclusive and exciting opportunity for students in Year 7 to learn an instrument and try it out before fully committing to the expense of buying a new instrument and continuing with one-to-one lessons. Now in its seventeenth year of success at Dubai College, the school has invested in many different instruments which are loaned out to students on the Beginner Band scheme for the academic year. Students choose to learn either a woodwind or a brass instrument and are expected to attend their group lessons and band practice each week which culminate in three concert performances, one at the end of each term. Most students choose to continue with their instruments into term three on a one-to-one basis and the scheme successfully feeds into the Training Band, the Intermediate Band, the more advanced Concert Band, Jazz Band Too and the elite Jazz Band. Instruments you can choose to learn on the Beginner Band Scheme: Flute Clarinet Alto Saxophone Tenor Saxophone Oboe Bassoon Trumpet Trombone Euphonium French Horn Tuba The Band Student Success Stories Three Year 13 students last year - Shaan, Tithira and Amal all passed their grade 8 saxophone having started learning in the Beginner Band in Year 7. All three of them have secured places at top Universities including Cambridge and Yale because of their music! Tom (Alum 2020) started saxophone in Year 7 and is now studying at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London on Jazz Saxophone. He is now training to be a professional musician. Fees 2023-2024 The Beginner Band fee includes three terms of small group tuition (up to 9 in a group), sheet music, instrument hire and band practice: AED 1,500 (plus VAT) payable at the start of the Academic year.

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    The Trombone Aerophone | Wind | Brass The trombone is Mr Lane’s specialist instrument and, like the trumpet, is an incredibly versatile instrument which you will find playing in almost every genre of music including classical, jazz, pop, wind ensembles, brass ensembles etc. The trombone is unique within the brass family of instruments in that a moving slide changes the length of tubing to obtain the different notes, rather than the valve mechanism used by all the other brass instruments. Here a some of my favourite trombone players throughout history. Search their names on Youtube and enjoy their amazing trombone playing, I hope they inspire you: Listen to the Trombone Notable examples of Trombone recordings, click on > for YouTube: Classical Orchestra Wagner, Ride of the Valkeries > Various orchestral excerpts > Mahler 2nd symphony > Film Scores Soul > Game of Thrones > Classical Solo Christian Lindberg, solo trombone recital, Japan 2019 > Joseph Alessi, Air Varie by Arthur Pryor > Pop Leonid and Friends > Jamiroquai > Jazz Band Mark Nightingale > Callum Au > Jazz Solo Dennis Rollins > Trevor Mires > Brass Ensemble Mnozil Brass, James Bond > London Brass plays ‘The Chicken’ > London Brass – Early English music > Richard Edwards Dennis Rollins Trevor Mires Carol Jarvis Christian Lindberg Joseph Alessi Jack Teagarden Tommy Dorsey JJ Johnson Jiggs Whigham Andy Martin Mark Nightingale Back to Brass Section

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    Oboe Recorer Saxophone Carinet Flute Bassoon 'click on an instrument' Woodwind Main Menu

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    BRASS 'click on an instrument' Main Menu

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    The Trumpet Aerophone | Wind | Brass Listen to the Trumpet The trumpet is the highest pitch of the brass instruments and can be found playing in almost every style of music including classical, jazz, pop and brass ensembles, to name a few. Here are some of my favourite trumpet players (but my actual list is far longer!). Search their names on Youtube and enjoy their amazing trumpet playing, I hope they inspire you! Notable examples of Trumpet recordings, click on > for YouTube: Classical Orchestra Mahler 5th Symphony (opening trumpet solo) > Fanfare for the Common Man > ​ Film Scores The Incredibles > Raiders of the Lost Ark > ​ Classical Solo Alison Balsom – Haydn trumpet concerto > Philip Cobb – Arutunian Trumpet Concerto > ​ Pop Stevie Wonder (Sir Duke) > Jamiroquai > Earth, Wind and Fire > ​ Jazz Band Louis Dowdeswell Big Band > Arturo Sandoval > Jazz Solo Wynton Marsalis – La Vie En Rose (very cool jazz playing) > Arturo Sandoval > Brass Ensemble London Brass > Mnozil Brass > Wynton Marsalis Miles Davis Louis Armstrong Derek Watkins Wayne Bergeron Arturo Sandoval Louis Dowdeswell Alison Balsom Hakan Hardenberger Maurice Murphy Back to Brass Section

  • Oboe | Dubai College Music

    The Oboe Wind | Woodwind | Double Reed Aerophone I love the quirky sound the Oboe makes, and it has a double-reed like my main instrument, the Bassoon, has too. It has a medium-high sound, in the soprano range and the whole orchestra tune to a Concert A played first by the Oboe. It is a double reed like the Bassoon. The Oboe is an important part of the classical orchestra and a favourite of Cinema composers. You may have heard Gabriel's Oboe from the film "The Mission". If you are thinking about learning to play an instrument, or you’ve decided, but aren’t sure which one, let me help you choose. We can chat, and you can have a go at different instruments, to see which one would suit you best. If you leave your email, or ask your mum and dad to, I will get back to you, or your parents, with more information. Listen to the Oboe Further listening: ​ Ralph Vaughan-Williams - Oboe Concerto Richard Strauss – Concerto for Oboe in D major Georg Philipp Telemann – Concerto for Oboe in Dm Benedetto Marcello – Oboe Concerto in C minor Bohuslav Martinu – Concerto for Oboe Francis Poulenc – Trio for Oboe, Bassoon & Piano J.S. Bach – Sonata in C major for Oboe Srul Irving Glick – Sonata for Oboe and Piano Back to Woodwind Section

  • Saxophone | Dubai College Music

    The Saxophone Wind | Woodwind | Single Reed Aerophone Who doesn't love the 'Sax', rock and pop bands, before that Jazz and always a feature in big band and of course the classical orchestra. ​ The youngest of the 'Woodwind Family', the Saxophone was invented rather than evolving over time. Antoine-Joseph "Adolphe" Sax patented his Saxophone in 1846. ​ The Saxophone has always been made of metal, but it is classified as woodwind because sound is produced by a vibrating 'wooden' reed, like the Clarinet. ​ If you are thinking about learning to play an instrument, or you’ve decided, but aren’t sure which one, let me help you choose. We can chat, and you can have a go at different instruments, to see which one would suit you best. If you leave your email, or ask your mum and dad to, I will get back to you, or your parents, with more information. Listen to the Saxophone Further listening: ​ Jacques Ibert - Concertino da Camera for alto sax Paul Creston - Sonata for Alto Saxophone Op. 19 Jules Demersseman - Fantaisie sur un theme orig. Alexander Glazunov - Saxophone Quartet, Op. 109 Frederick L. Hemke - Simple Gifts Ingolf Dahl - Concerto for Alto Saxophone Heitor Villa-Lobos - Fantasia for Soprano Sax Schmitt - Légende for alto saxophone, Op. 66 David Maslanka - Concerto for Alto Saxophone Luciano Berio - Sequenza IXb John Adams - Saxophone Concerto ​ Back to Woodwind Section

  • Head of Woodwind | Dubai College Music

    JACKIE HAYTER BMus (Hons), LRAM, PGDip RCM Ms. Jackie Hayter Head of Woodwind Main Menu I am so excited to be joining the Dubai College Music Department this Autumn. I am a professional orchestral musician, but I also have over 20 years of experience teaching in schools. ​ I have achieved my personal musical ambitions, so now I am committed to inspiring future generations to achieve theirs. I use my experiences of playing with famous orchestras to inspire my pupils, although some are more excited to hear about me playing Disney or Star Wars! I have something for everyone. ​ I have been a freelance orchestral bassoonist and woodwind tutor since leaving the Royal College of Music as a postgraduate in 2004. I have performed worldwide with some of the world’s best orchestras. I’ve also recorded regularly with ensembles, orchestras and notable musicians. I play all the woodwind instruments and regularly teach Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Recorder, Saxophone and Bassoon. ​ My passion for classical music began as a teenager, my grandfather was a musician in the Royal Navy, and he was an early inspiration. I took up the bassoon and practised tirelessly to work my way through the grades. I loved performing and I knew early on the that I wanted to pursue a career as a professional orchestral bassoonist. ​ At 15 I was awarded a full scholarship to Chetham's School of Music (Chet's). Leaving my family and my school in Dorset, I moved to Manchester to immerse myself in musical study. Chets gave me the opportunity to learn and perform with other talented young musicians, I was also the Principal Bassoon with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain . ​ After Chets I successfully applied to read at the Royal Academy of Music and moved to London. I went on to do my postgraduate at the Royal College of Music and finished my studies in 2004. ​ I play all the woodwind instruments to Grade 8 standard, and at the Royal Academy I was awarded licentiate as a bassoon teacher. Teaching has always been an important part of my professional portfolio, as I enjoy sharing my passion for woodwind with others. ​ I have played with the most prestigious orchestras in the UK and taught at some wonderful schools. Playing bassoon for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra gave me the opportunity to go on a world tour, supporting Sting on his Symphonicity show. Another highlight was performing on the Star Wars Orchestra world tour and a stint at the London Palladium perfoming in the Wizard of Oz. Perfomance & Recording Work Royal Opera House Orchestra BBC Symphony Orchestra London Sinfonietta Welsh National Opera The Novello Ortchestra London Philharmonic Orchestra BBC Concert Orchestra Heritage Orchestra RPCO Sting tour This Way Up - (Oscar Nominated) These New Puritans Album Ballet Rambert Ulster Orchestra BBC National Orchestra of Wales Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra Welsh National Opera RTE National Symphony Orchestra Halle Orchestra Wizard of Oz - London Palladium Birmingham Royal Ballet Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra English Festival Orchestra English Symphony Orchestra London Concert Orchestra Garsington Opera Oxford Philomusica Royal Scottish National Orchestra London Mozart Players Britten Sinfonia BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra Carousel-Savoy Theatre

  • Flute | Dubai College Music

    The Flute Wind | Woodwind | Edge-blown Aerophone I was drawn to the flute, as it is different to the other woodwind instruments. Made of metal, it looks totally different, and it has a completely different embouchure. Once I got the hang of it I joined larger ensembles at school and for my county, I loved being able to play the high, soring melodies. It was originally made of wood though, the Flute is an edge-blown aerophone , woodwind instrument. It is also one of the oldest instruments in the classical orchestra and so composers have been writing music for the Flute for hundreds of years. If you are thinking about learning to play an instrument, or you’ve decided, but aren’t sure which one, let me help you choose. We can chat, and you can have a go at different instruments, to see which one would suit you best. If you leave your email, or ask your mum and dad to, I will get back to you, or your parents, with more information. Listen to the Flute Further listening: ​ Claude Debussy – Syrinx André Jolivet – Chant de Linos Olivier Messiaen – Le Merle Noir Francis Poulenc – Sonata for Flute and Piano Bohuslav Jan Martinů – Sonata for Flute & Piano Carl Reinecke – Concerto Cécile Chaminade – Concertino for Flute J.S. Bach – Sonata in B Minor Claude Debussy – Prélude à l'après-midi d’un faune Paul Taffanel – Andante Pastoral and Scherzettino ​ Back to Woodwind Section

  • Tuba | Dubai College Music

    THE TUBA Aerophone | Wind | Brass The tuba is the largest instrument of the brass family and is capable of playing extremely low notes. There is a misconception that the tuba is an ‘Oompah’ instrument and never plays any melodies, but this is not true. The modern tuba can be played in a beautiful and soulful style and there are some fine virtuoso tuba players around the world today. At the forefront of world tuba playing are Norway’s Oystein Baadsvik and Oren Marshall from the UK, these gentlemen are outstanding tuba players. Listen to the Tuba Notable examples of Tuba recordings, click on > for YouTube: Classical Orchestra George Gershwin, An American In Paris (tuba solo in orchestra) > Petrushka (Igor Stravisky) > The Firebird Suite (Igor Stravinsky) > James Barnes Symphony No 3 > Film Scores Jabba the Hut (from Star Wars soundtrack) > Classical Solo Oystein Baadsvik, Czardas > Oren Marshall, Badinerie by JS Bach (playing on a really interesting tuba!) > Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto > Jazz Solo Dave Bargeron – Blood, Sweat & Tears > ​ Brass Ensemble London Brass plays ‘The Chicken’ > Back to Brass Section

  • French Horn | Dubai College Music

    french horn Aerophone | Wind | Brass The horn has descended from ancient history when animal horns were first used as musical instruments. Their powerful sound could travel several hundred metres and warned villagers of approaching danger. All the brass instruments have evolved from this early use of the animal horn. If the modern French Horn was to be straightened it would be 6 metres long! To facilitate a more portable instrument the tubing loops several times, finishing with the widening of the bell section which points behind the player. The modern French Horn is predominantly an orchestral instrument and it is used to great effect in many film scores. Mozart composed four horn concertos which have become standard repertoire for the horn student. Listen to the French Horn Notable examples of French Horn recordings, click on > for YouTube: Classical Orchestra Tchaikovsky 5th Symphony, 2nd movement (after 45 seconds) > Brahms 1st Symphony, Finale > Don Juan, Richard Strauss > ​ Film Scores The Mask of Zorro > (composed by James Horner) Titanic > Jurassic Park > Classical Solo Mozart Horn Concerto No. 4 > (3rd movement Rondo) Richard Strauss Horn Concerto No. 3 > (3rd movement) Brass Ensemble España for 21 horns (arranged Richard Bissill) > Caravan for Horn Ensemble > (arranged Richard Bissill) Back to Brass Section

  • Bassoon | Dubai College Music

    The Bassoon Wind | Woodwind | Double Reed Aerophone Listen to the Bassoon Bassoon and the Contra Bassoon are my biggest love. I had the most wonderful time studying at school and music college, and I went on to play with some of the most prestigious players and ensembles in the world. The Bassoon makes a wonderful deep, mellow sound. A big sound from a big instrument, an incredible three-metre-long tube, it's doubled over though, so that it is manageable. It can often be a handful but it’s well worth it. ​ The Bassoon has the lowest pitch in the woodwind family and an enormous range of three octaves. You could think of the Bassoon as a bass oboe, having a double reed and a conical bore. ​ A vital part of the orchestra since the 1700s, nearly all orchestral scores feature the Bassoon. Mozart wrote a bassoon concerto, as did Vivaldi, and Telemann wrote two Bassoon Sonatas. ​ One of the most well known Bassoon parts is "In the Hall of the Mountain King " from Grieg's Peer Gynt suite. Followed by the fabulous Sorcerer's Apprentice by Dukas. Notable pieces that feature the Bassoon: ​ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Bassoon Concerto Edvard Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King Paul Dukas – The Sorcerer's Apprentice Camille Saint-Saëns – Sonata for Bassoon and Piano Heitor Villa-Lobos – Ciranda das sete notas Paquito D'Rivera – Lauro for bassoon (Five Venezuelan Waltzes for Solo Bassoon) Ludwig Milde – Fifty Concert Studies, Opus 26 Jeff Scott – Elegy for Innocence for Bassoon & Piano Vernon Elliott - Ivor the Engine ​ Back to Woodwind Section If you are thinking about learning to play an instrument, or you’ve decided, but aren’t sure which one, let me help you choose. We can chat, and you can have a go at different instruments, to see which one would suit you best. If you leave your email, or ask your mum and dad to, I will get back to you, or your parents, with more information.

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